Domènech Corbella – Legal Services is a boutique law firm specialized in IP/IT law that offers high added-value legal advice according to the needs of our clients. Our legal services are comparable to those offered by the most prestigious international law firms. Our size, however, is much smaller, and this allows us to be ultimately dedicated to our clients, to understand their needs, find the adequate solutions to such needs, and offer our clients our most flexible and reasonable fees, keeping the highest standards of excellence.

Alongside in-depth technical expertise, we have a business-oriented strategic and innovative outlook in order to find the best solutions to the most complex legal problems. This commitment is bolstered by our strict compliance with professional ethics and conduct. We seek the proximity to our clients and we are strongly committed to understand their needs and to provide services of the highest quality.

Our fees are reasonable and adapted to the needs of our clients, and they are fixed on the basis of the following professional criteria:


  • Added value obtained by our clients through our services
  • Time spent in each case
  • Complexity, singularity and novelty of the case
  • Importance of interests involved in the case and expectations of our client
  • Special circumstances of the case: urgency, exclusivity, extraordinary dedication, etc.


We prepare our estimates weighing the abovementioned criteria and the amount of work that, according to our expertise in previous similar cases, we deem reasonable for the case at hand.

At Domènech Corbella – Legal Services we are flexible and we can also offer fees for a fixed amount according to the case, as well as sliding scale fees based on the time invested, on the final success of the case, or a monthly fixed amount, alongside other fee-setting options we may agree on with our clients.


Estimates, expenses and outlays

Whatever your legal consultation is, don’t hesitate to ask us for a free estimate. We will study your consultation and offer you a reasonable estimate adapted to your needs and according to our professional criteria set forth above.

Extraordinary expenses such as transport costs, court fees, notary fees, court expert fees, public registrations, etc., if applicable, are not included in our estimates.

Provision of funds

In some cases it may be necessary to incur costs that must be paid to third parties. Such expenses can be directly managed and paid by the client himself or by our law firm. Should the client ask us to deal with those costs, a provision of funds will have to be paid in advance by the client in order to cover all expenses. Provisions of funds will be invoiced to the final fees for the services rendered.

Feel free to contact us and ask us about all other terms and conditions applicable to the provision of our professional legal services, such us conflicts of interest, data protection, documentation of the case, dispute resolution, etc.